Closetmaid 12 In. Support Bracket White (12", White)


A key component of our fixed mount system. Use a 12 in. bracket for all 12 in. deep shelving and all 16 in. deep shelving when used for hanging clothing. Use a 16 in. bracket for all 16 in. deep storage shelving. Use a 20 in. bracket for 20 in. deep Close Mesh shelves.

Supports front lip of shelving
Use 1 bracket every 36 in. and at each end of shelf
For use with ClosetMaid® wire shelving
Package for 12 in. bracket contains 2 brackets, 2 anchors, and 2 #8 pins
Package for 16 in and 20 in. bracket includes 1 support bracket, 1 anchor and #8 pin
NOTE - If ordering online please verify item number being purchased in the shopping cart
Material: Epoxy coated steel

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